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Vacationing with young kids: The island of Maui, Hawaii

We recently completed our first family vacation. I say "completed" because I now consider that travelling with young children is like running a marathon. You will need a lot of planning and preparing. Don't forget to lock your shoes tightly because you will be moving a lot. Set your goals or your plans and best of all: Chill Out! Don't try to be the best parent, just try to be the best at vacationing with your family. 
Before planning your trip, it is important to understand that children brings another meaning to the word "vacationing". Let's just say that sipping on a mojitos at the beach with a book in hand won't happen. 
Travelling with one is fairly easy but travelling with two is another story.  I can't even imagine what it would be like to travel with more than two... 
Hands up for all of you who can do it! 
Despite this being our first vacation as a team of 4, we had a lot of fun. It is an adjustment (compared to my youth travels in Mexico a…

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